How to dock google chrome developer console to right hand side of the browser


Hi Guys,

Most of the web developers might wonder about how to move google chrome developer console from default position(bottom) to right hand side. Especially when we develop something for mobile and when we need to keep our screen portrait and need to see console all the time for error and all.

Something like this…



So How to do it??

Guys.. Its very simple and two step process. I searched a lot about this and that’s why thinking about sharing this.

Step 1.

Press F12 while chrome is open. It will open your developer console at its default position i.e bottom.



Now hold your mouse on the window kind icon blog1 at the left bottom of the console.

While holding mouse on this perticular icon you will notice a another similar icon poped out.  blog1

Keep your mouse on to this icon and release.

That’s it.

Your Mobile development environment is ready.


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