Microservices demo with docker, k8s (kubernetes) – Part1


Being a web developer, I always had confusion about microservices. What the hack microservice is? Is it some kind of fancy word for a concept we already know or is it entirely different alien concept?

Let’s understand it in plain english. Microservice is a concept of building application with more than one independent components called services.

For example, Facebook might have small services for features like profile data, feed data, advertisement, database, caching etc. it means, Facebook might have a separate independent application itself to deliver profile information whenever asked by anyone authorised entity (different service). This completely separate independent application has its own life cycle. We call it a service or micro service. and architecture having lots of such services communicating to each other to serve a set of user is called microservice architecture.

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Video Blog – How to deploy code from bitbucket to Heroku


Simple and easy to understand step by step talk to move our application code from bitbucket repo to heroku platform.

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How to always return a default value for an object property in javascript?


Hi Guys,

Do you have a need where you want to return something as a default value if your JS object don’t have that property?

Let’s come to our problem.

Lets take an object (kind of a key value configuration object) which is coming from server and we need to make some very important decision based on this data.

var electricalConfig = {
  isLightOn: true,
  isBoardSmart: false,
  noOfSwitch: 10,
  noOfSockets: 3,
  isConnected: true

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How to sync DB to salesforce if updates done by custom triggers using Heroku connect.


Hi Everybody,

Are you struggling with your DB updates to salesforce in case of triggers? If Yes, then you are on right place. I was in same situation today and wasted my hours looking for solution.

Problem: I use Heroku Connect to sync my data between salesforce and Postgres DB. I am updating my row by my own custom trigger and noticed that updates are not going back to salesforce.

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