Web apps with no internet :) Beginner’s Guide for application cache


Hello Guys,

In this modern world, website are essentials. Have you wondered what if you have to read some article or use some web application while you are moving in train or bus and you have no internet? What if you provide this feature to your user? Answer is : This will be a great user experience to them.

What if your user doesn’t have to download your website content each time they visit? Don’t you think this experience will be much far faster than before? Again answer is YES in capital letters.

Let’s see approach.

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spa-hero : Automating build for single page apps



Create production/dev ready distribution build for javascript based single page applications. spa-hero uses gulp-useref to read out the html file and copy third party dependencies to a separate library folder.

Why I wrote this?

In this modern era of web, we extensivly use npm or bower to download dependencies to our project. These dependencies are right there in our project folder including lots of other files that came in with these packages. After looking at the size of my project one unavoidable question comes to us ,how to upload my project on server? Do I have to pick each and every javascript/css files from node_modules/bower_component folder and maintain a new folder which can be uploaded to server? If yes, then what happen when I added or removed some dependencies and I have to repeat the same cycle? Awww.

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Forgot mysql root password?


Hello again!

I am wondering if anyone of you forgot your mysql db password for root user? Because I did.. LOL!!

So whats the bad thing with this? Oh! dear! its pretty bad because root user is the super admin for your DB and if you cant go through this.. you are screwed. You can’t manage DBs, cant manage users, permission and list is endless.

Here I found a simple way to reset your root password.

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Arrow functions in Javascript


Let’s meet our buddy called arrow function. What are they?

Arrow functions are short hands for writing a function which doesn’t need a name and works in lexical scopes.

As per mozilla:

An arrow function expression has a shorter syntax compared to function expressions and lexically binds the this value (does not bind its own this, arguments, super, or new.target). Arrow functions are always anonymous. These function expressions are best suited for non-method functions and they can not be used as constructors.

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Finding the first day and last day of current month.


Have you faced a situation when you need to find the first day and last day of a month? Such scenarios occurs when we do some kind of enterprise application when accounting or billing modules comes into the picture.

And YES its important as well. Lets find out in some of the technologies.


Sometimes we have to send the dates from front end. Lets say by default you have to set date range components from 1st day of this month to current date. So here is the hack.

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Atom Editor packages behind the corporate firewall


Are you in love with brand new code editor from github team?  Yes it’s atom!

Atom editor is opensource and fully customizable in terms of installing packages and plugins to help us with whether its a debug tool, code snippets or anything else. We have bunch of free packages from the community.

But what about installing these packages behind the firewall? As we are not allowed to access URLs in our offices. So for this purpose we use proxy settings that relaxed us with url access.

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Starting with gulp


Gulp – The streaming build system. As the name say, gulp is a tool for building the system.

In short, a tool which can help with automating the build process. Gulp is a javascript based build tool that uses nodejs as its running environment.

Its a task runner which can help with some very important and frequently used task like JS and CSS minification, compiling SASS etc.

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