ng-message validation based on other input field in angularJs


Recently I faced an requirement where I have to plugin ng-message validation which depends on value of other input field means if value of field A is given then only field B is mandatory. For example, if user is providing phone no then email is not mandatory else email is mandatory.

Yes we can achieve this in a very simple and straight forward way. Lets see how.

Goal: Using ng-messages validation depending upon the value of other field


ng-messages validation simple works with html5 validation rules like required

so if we can manipulate required tag at run time depending upon our condition then we can simple switch ng-message validation ON/OFF from that field.

lets see an example:

in my case if user provide his/her phone number then his/her email is not required and even we will not show the email field.

<form name="userform">

<div id="phoneDiv">
  <label>Enter phone no:</lable>
  <input type="text" name="phoneno" ng-model="form.phoneNo" />
<div id="emailDiv" ng-show="!form.phoneNo">

  <label>Enter email id:</lable>
  <input ng-required="!form.phoneNo" type="text" name="emailid" ng-model="form.emailId" />

  <div role="alert" ng-messages="userform.emailid.$error">

    <div ng-message="required">
      email id is required if phone no is not given.



Above approach can help us to achieve our goal.

Working example can be found here.


Happy Learning.

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