Atom Editor packages behind the corporate firewall


Are you in love with brand new code editor from github team?  Yes it’s atom!

Atom editor is opensource and fully customizable in terms of installing packages and plugins to help us with whether its a debug tool, code snippets or anything else. We have bunch of free packages from the community.

But what about installing these packages behind the firewall? As we are not allowed to access URLs in our offices. So for this purpose we use proxy settings that relaxed us with url access.

Now you can browse your website by configuring proxy with your browsers.But wait.. can you download packages from atom setting page? I guess no, because your atom editor doesn’t have your proxy setting yet and its not relaxed with the access that proxy url has given to your browser. So we need to tell our editor about this facility that we have.

#Steps to configure proxy with atom editor

  1. Look for the folder inside C:\Users\username\.atom
  2. look for the file .apmrc
  3. If file doesn’t exist, please create it.
  4. paste below content into the file and save it
  5. Try searching for packages again.There should not be any problem.

Happy Coding!!

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